iPhone 5s to get 50% Price cut, and iPhone SE for $400-$500

iPhone SE Detail

With regard to 4-inch iPhone, KGI Securities has posted some very interesting note in their research note investors. They claim that new iPhone SE would be priced between $400 and $500. They also claim that the new 4-inch iPhone would feature the same 12-megapixel rear camera already found in iPhone 6s. It was expected to be 8-megapixel, but this is new thing we came to know.

KGI Securities is well known for the most accurate information as far as Apple Products are concerned, but it is still rumor that can’t be taken for granted unless Apple makes official announcement. They expect iPhone SE to arrive in March 2016 along with new iPad Pro Mini with 9.7 inches display.

In their note, they also mentioned that there will be 131% growth in 4-inch iPhone sale. Does it mean iPhone SE will be sold like hot cakes? Well, KGI Securities claim that most of the revenue would come from iPhone 5S, because Apple would cut almost 50% price from iPhone 5S. Currently iPhone 5s 16GB is sold for $450, and they expect it to be priced at $250 after iPhone SE launch. If this is true, iPhone 5S would have huge demand in 2016, and it could even go over estimated growth. However, sounds impossible.

Currently iPhone 6s 16GB is sold for $649, and iPhone SE with the same Apple A9 Chip and Camera could help the company to boost sale if they really make it available for between $400-$500. It is being said that the new 4-inch iPhone will have Live Wallpaper feature, but not 3D touch. So we assume that image would animate with simple tap, but it would be great if it features 3D touch as well.


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