iPad Air 3 to feature 4K Display and 4GB RAM

iPad Air 3

Apple didn’t launch iPad Air 3 last year, and said nothing about it. The reason behind this is getting clear from the recent rumor. A new series of iPad was introduced in the event as iPad Pro with 4GB RAM, 12.9 inches display, Apple Pen and Keyboard. However, it seems Apple had something big in their mind for iPad Air 3.

The recent leak coming from MyDriver suggests that iPad Air 3 would feature 9.7 inches Display with stunning 4K resolution. Amount of RAM would be also be doubled from 2GB in iPad Air 2 to 4GB in the new iPad Air. MyDriver reported that the leak is coming from Apple insider, so this is expected to be true.

Just to remind that iPad Air 2 features a 9.7-inch Display with 2048 X 1536 pixels resolution and 2GB RAM. So pixel density is going to be amazing for iPad Air 3 that would feature the same size of display, but 4K resolution. The device would also be much faster with double RAM compared to iPad Air 2, and Apple A9X CPU. We have already seen Apple A9X Benchmark in iPad Pro, so performance of iPad Air 3 would be likewise.

Apple is planning to hold an event in March 2016, and iPad Air 3 is expected to be announce in this event along with 4-inch iPhone 5SE and new Apple watch models, 9to5Mac reported. According to 9to5Mac report, iPad Air 3 would feature additional speaker grills for better sound quality, and rear-facing LED Flash to capture good quality of photos even in low light. Apple has also been reported testing Apple Pen support for 9.7-inch display. If the rumor turns out true, users will be able to use Apple Pencil with new iPad Air.

iPad sales have fallen down recently, but Apple still seems to have hope. If above mentioned leaks/rumors fall into places, then iPad Air 3 sales may reach up to the mark.

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