iOS8 might have the feature to work in the split screen

Apple could present a new version of its operating system for mobile phones and tablets this year. We refer to iOS8, according to 9to5Mac, Apple will provide multitasking experience with split screen to its iPad users, since they will have the opportunity to run and interact with two applications at once on the big display. So far, all applications for iPad users were individually enforceable and in full screen view. If it’s true, Apple will match the Microsoft Surface, which already carry a popular multitasking feature that allows userss to enjoy installed multiple applications on a single screen and simultaneously.

The integration of this feature would contribute positively to the use of the tablet as a laptop replacement and allow Apple to take another step in the future of the sector and consolidate. Multitasking function would be specially designed to make the interaction between programs is even simpler, and can use two apps at the same time sharing the display. Thus, for example, users would be able to drag content (text, video, images) more easily from one application to another and perhaps enjoy new apps specially designed keeping in multitasking feature in mind.

The multitasking feature would be designed considering 9.7-inch iPad screen, so it is unclear whether this function will normally run on an iPad mini with a smaller screen or not. For now, we know it can only work horizontally and that the development could be ready by the end of this year or by 2015 at the latest.

This is not the first time that we talk about this feature. Fans of this tablet for several years have claimed the ability to manage up to two applications simultaneously on one screen, but the truth is that so far has not been considered an effective solution that can reach users with full warranty .

But this is not what we expect from iOS 8. seems that the new version of the operating system of Apple would incorporate many new features. One of the most important would be iPhone Healthbook, a system that can monitor athletic performance and monitor the health of the user, calculate data such as calorie intake, sleep cycles or blood pressure. The company’s Cupertino is also investing their efforts in consolidating its infrastructure iCloud and its mapping service. It is also focused on improving the performance and speed with iOS8, as well as other improvements specifically related to the user interface and the overall design of the platform.

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