iOS vs Android OS Updates, Android Updates are upsetting

You can see many forums and blogs where Android and iOS users keep comparing their devices. However, we are not going to discuss which smartphone brand is better, but will throw light on iOS and Android OS update.

Android Updates

Once Google announces a new version of Android OS, all Android Phone users keep googling when they will receive the update for their smartphone. It doesn’t matter even you have bought a latest model, you may or may not receive the latest Android update.

Valid comments/questions asked by Android users on various forums and blogs

  • I bought a new device, and it never received any major Android updates
  • Google just released Android 6.0 update, and now I am getting Android 5.0
  • Devices with less RAM and less powerful chip getting the updates, why my device with more RAM and better CPU can’t get the update
  • They already released the update in the US for same model, when it will reach India

Such questions are logical, but none of the smartphone manufacturers bother to answer. What could be the reason behind this? Google releases OS update, and Google’s responsibility is to provide the update to Nexus devices, and Google is good at it. Nexus and Android One models receive the update quickly, and rest of the manufacturers are too lazy to release the update. So if you are Google Nexus user, you are one of the Lucky Android Phone users in terms of getting new updates.

Android OS Update Share

The data shows the Android Update distribution until February 1, 2016. Android 4.4 Kitkat is the most popular OS in Android history. Android 6.0 Marshmallow arrived with Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, and it’s been more than four months now, Marshmallow OS has reached only 1.2 percent of users.

iOS Updates

When it comes to update Apple users are very lucky. This is because Apple owns OS as well as products that run iOS. Apple keep providing updates as long as they can, and Apple is the only company who provide updates for a longer period. For example : iPhone 4s was released in 2011, it was running iOS 5 at that time, and now it is running iOS 9.

iOS OS Distribution

iPhone or iPad users don’t bother to search with the model name when their device will get the update, instead they are just curious to know the release date of the new iOS version. Once a new version of the iOS update is released, it reaches all the users and country at the same time. Such complaint doesn’t exist; US users received the update, when I would get in India or any other country.

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