iOS 8.4 is coming tomorrow with updated Music App

Apple Music Launch with iOS 8.4

Apple recently announced its own music service and that requires a new updated to iOS devices. So Apple is launching iOS 8.4 tomorrow (3o June) at 8 AM. This update will not bring many changes in your device, but you will have a new updated Music app.

Apple has already released the iOS 9 Beta for developers, and another iOS update after 8.3 was not expected. However, the Music service launched by Apple made them to push the update to bring it to iPhones and other iOS devices. Apple will also add support for Apple music to the iOS 9 Beta.

Apple Music and iTunes Match will work together, so you will not require to subscribe each of them separately. You get free 3 months trial, and thereafter you will be charged automatically each month until you turn the auto renewal off. You get free for 3 months, but Apple still pays Artists even in trial. The family package is impressive enough that allows up to Six members to enjoy Apple Music for $ 14.99 each month, else you can subscribe to Single membership that costs $ 9.99 each month. The subscription will allow you to access Apple Music from any Apple’s devices including Mac.

Apple is also working on to increase the limit of iTunes Song Match that will be 100,000 songs in iOS 9, but iOS 8.4 will be limited to 25,000 songs as usual. Along with iOS 8.4 release Beats 1 will also start streaming from tomorrow. Beats 1 is the brand new Apple’s 24 X 7 radio station.