HTC will launch wearable gadgets soon

Next week, the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC plans to show one of his three new wearable devices in Barcelona , as reported by a person related to Bloomberg.

   The device in question is a ‘smartwatchToc technology with Qualcomm and Mirasol screen. Finally, HTC has designed something to let the other gadgets company know that they are not running behind in the tech world. It will be presented at the Mobile World Congress. In addition, HTC is developing a smart clock to use the service of Google, and an electronic bracelet that plays music, although those two would not be presented at this time, Bloomberg said.

The company president, Cher Wang says that be focused on new products so that they can make a good position in marketing and improve customer service as well.

HTC will launch its first wearable device next Christmas according to Bloomberg, though the company has made no statement about these plans. So, hang tight till the time it’s available in the market.

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