How to remove background from photo without photoshop

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Removing background from a photo is not quite easy, it needs full concentration and photo editing knowledge. If you ask anyone how to remove the background from a photo, they would probably tell you to use photoshop. What if you don’t know how use it? You can’t learn photoshop so quickly.

Well, a person like me who is trying to remove the background from a photo for the first time may take an hour, but I did it so quickly because I found it so easy. There are some online photo editing tools that can help you in this job.

How to remove background from photo without photoshop using online photo editing tools

  • Go to
  • Click on Edit From my Computer
  • Select the photo from your computer, and allow it to upload
  • Now you will have another screen with some photo editing tools
  • You will see many tabs on the screen, please select Geek tab
  • Now click on Smart Scissors
  • Select the area (background only) you wish to remove from the photo. You can enlarge a photo to select it properly. Take your time and select properly. Please select the entire area, end point should meet the start point at final selection
  • Once you select the entire photo, selected area will be highlighted, and you will still have the opportunity to modify selection
  • Click on Create Cutout to remove the selected area
  • Once done, click on save to download the edited image

The selection process needs sometimes. If you try to do it quick, it may not be as clear as you want. I removed the background from a photo for the first time, so you may not find is perfect because I did it quickly. However, I am glad that I could do, because I don’t know even ABC of photoshop. I did it in 4 mins 21 secs as you can see in vide0. It’s not fast forward.

If you know of some other sites or online tools that do the same job, please comment below to let us know.