Boost your creativity with Adobe Photoshop CS6 extended

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Abode photoshop 3D design editingAdobe Photoshop CS6 extended software is a fresh and latest version, which helps you out adding more magic to your images.  You can give 3D graphic and 2D design touch to make your image more precise and enchanting. This software allows you to edit, manipulate your pictures as well as giving a 3D professional touch to your creations. You can do work easily and save your time working with this software. Its remarkable feature, what I like most is, 3D graphic designing. I can apply different textures to my 3D effects, shadows, lighting, images, and animation. This software has reengineered its existing tools as a result working with multiple layers at the same time, adding different styles, and using filters to modify the appearance of images, becomes much easier. It also permits you to create or edit your videos and can add amazing new features in videos. In addition, you can create stunning animation in your cards, images, signatures and avatars.

This version also introduced import/export Presets option, which helps you to share your Photoshop work with all partners in your workgroup. You can enhance your productivity and creativity with this amazing software.

effects-designAdobe Team has added content aware technology in patch tool options. You can use “Content Aware Move Tool” to extend an object, “Content Aware Patch Tool” for healing purpose.

One of the amazing features of this software is “ Blur and liquefy” option. Adobe team also added smart object support for the liquefy tool and blur gallery. Wow! Now you can convert  your image layers into a smart object.

This new version has many features as discussed below:

  • Fresh textures appliance
  • Manipulation of 3D design
  • Boosting tool set
  • Quicker rendering time
  • Mercury graphic engine
  • New paint bucket
  • Improved filter options
  • Improved style type
  • Improved gradients
  • Paragraph panel
  • Video editing tool
  • Camera shake reduction

photoshop coverYou can give a magical touch to your images by using different brushes. Even you can create a fantasy effect with this option. You can use free brush collections what can make your images eye-catching, and those brushes can be found for free. You can google these brushes and if you can’t find leave a comment here, and I will get back to you.

  • Splatter brushes
  • Grunge brushes
  • Floral brushes
  • Sparkle brushes

splatter-brushesThere are some amazing free styles to make your text or canvas stunning

You can try these, and I bet you would love it.

  • PSD art style
  • Animal fur
  • Satin style
  • Christmas style

Again, if you can’t find leave a comment here.

photoshop art styleThe gradient tool is essential to give your images and texts amazing look, you just need to play with this tool and your images and creation will get digital look.

Here are some more gradients that you can add to your gradient tool.

  • 100 Photoshop landscape gradients
  • Vintage Gradients
  • Dark Gradients
  • Modern Gradients

vintage_photoshop_effectThere’s an improved texture adding option in Photoshop extended version, I collected some textures for boosting your creativity. Here are some names what can be used. Leave a comment if you can’t find any of them.

  • Art textures
  • Grunge textures
  • Splatter textures

Adobe team also introduced smart tools for creative and artistic minds. Filters and plug-in option in Photoshop to enhance your digital photographic work and design creation. Here’s a brief description about these filter’s working.

The face control filter allows you to change the expression of your face, the Pix Plant filter helps you creating HQ seamless 3D textures from every photo you want.

photoshop creativity filters

Apart from these, noise, cloud, blur, liquefy, sketch filters also make your images worth looking.  Adobe also introduced new amazing filters what you can buy from adobe website.

I recommend you to use this latest version of Photoshop to know how much creative you are. Photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and video professionals significantly use this software.

In summary, Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended is good software for creative minds. It’s companionable with Adobe Touch Apps as well as Photoshop companion Apps.  You will also find online help and update options in this version.


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