How to manage iCloud backup and storage and free up memory

iCloud Backup

How much space a free iCloud user get? You already know the answer is 5GB. What do you think you can manage to store there? That’s the primary concern many users don’t understand, and it gets full so quickly. Thereafter iCloud backup stops itself. If you want more space, you need to pay each month $0.99 for 50GB, $2.99 for 200GB or $9.99 for 1TB. If you have money, you can go on. Or if you want to save or keep using free space only, this guide is for you.

For what purpose we should use iCloud Backup?

  • Backup contacts
  • Backup Calendar
  • Backup Keychain
  • Backup Reminders, and other apps data

iCloud backup should not be used for;

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Documents

If you have Android as well as iPhone, you should backup your contacts and Calendars in Google Account. This way, once you save it on one device, it will get synced in other as well.

If you are worried about sharing normal Photos or videos, other cloud services also do that. You can download Google Photos App from App store, and install on your iPhone. Google Photos comes with free unlimited cloud storage for your Photos and Videos. It gets synched automatically when you are connected to WiFi. Whether you use Android or iOS device, your contacts, Calendar, Photos and Videos will always be there. This way 5GB space that you get as iCloud Backup will not get full quickly.

However, you will need to add your Google/Gmail ID on your iPhone. You can add a new account going to iPhone’s Settings –> Mail, Contacts, and Calendars –> Add Account, and follow the instruction.

Once you add a new account, now go back to Settings –> iCloud. Now enable or disable what you want to sync. If you turn on Contacts syncing in iCloud Backup, make sure it is turn off for another account. Don’t enable syncing the same stuff for two account, because sometimes it stops syncing on any of them due to confliction. When you are in iCloud, you can also manage iCloud Storage and Free up spaces. Tap on Storage –> Manage Storage. It will show you the apps and storage consumption by them. You can tap on any of them, then tap Edit, and then you get the option to delete the backup.

To set up Google Account backup, tap on Settings –> Mail, Contacts and Calendars –> Tap on your Google Account –> Turn on whatever you want to backup. Install Google Photos app for Photos and Videos backup.

iCloud Backup is Secure, but how about Google Backup?

Google account gets very secure if you activate two-way verification method. It’s a great alternative for iCloud Backup. Once you activate 2-step verification, every time you log in, you will have to put the verification code that will be sent to you by SMS on your given mobile number. When you log in, you can check the box to trust a device so verification code is not required on that specific system, or you can choose to put verification code on each and every login. Read our article about Google’s 2-step verification to learn more.

If you iCloud Backup for Mac’s files as well, you can start using Google Drive as it gives your more free storage compared to iCloud Backup option. Google Drive app is available for Mac and iOS.

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