How to live with 16GB iPhones and iPads without frustration

Live with 16GB iPhone

Apple has been criticized by many users not to providing a 32GB variant of iPhone, where 16GB gets consumed easily. Users don’t even get 16GB, because system apps are other stuffs comes preinstalled, and users usually get around 11GB free storage. Some users don’t really need more storage, but some buy because they can’t afford 64GB or 128GB. How do you manage to live with 16GB iPhone without MicroSD card slot?

Here are the tips to save you from frustration of running out of Memory

Record, don’t store

Newer models have the option to record videos in 4K Resolution, but you can’t record even an hour of 4K video in 16GB iPhone. Say No to 4K Video, as 1080 pixels can record sharp enough. We won’t stop you from recording any precious moment, but don’t store them in your iPhone. Transfer those files to your computer or keep and external storage.

Say Hi to Cloud Storage

Latest iPhones have pretty amazing camera, so we understand you love capturing photos with them. iCloud comes with limited 5GB free space, that is better to keep for system or app backup files, like WhatsApp, iCloud etc.. Use Google Photos that comes with unlimited free storage for your Photos and Videos. You can install the App on your smartphone, and it also allows to share photos directly from the app. Or use any cloud storage that you love.

Stream, don’t fill your storage

We know you love music, video, so do we. There are plenty of free and paid apps that you can use on your smartphone to enjoy your favorite music and videos. The best free app for video streaming is YouTube, and for music get Spotify.

Don’t install something that you already have

If you want to fill your phone with so many apps, that’s up to you, but ask yourself if you really need them or use them. For example : You already have an email app, so what could be the reason you want to install separate app (Gmail, Outlook etc.) for each mail account you have. Configure them in one app, get used to it. Delete all unnecessary apps your have installed.

Monitor storage

You can monitor your iPhone’s storage by checking them which app or file taking more storage. It will help you to decide if you want to transfer them to external storage/computer or delete them. You can check storages usage from Settings –> General –> Storage & iCloud Usage –>Manage Storage (under storage section, not in iCloud)

Get an expandable storage

iPhones don’t support MicroSD card, but it doesn’t mean there is no other option. There are some storage expansion available for iPhone that can be connected to its lightening port, and data can be stored. For example : You can buy SanDisk’s iXpand. It can be used with iPhone 5 or later model, and with iPads that has the same lightening port. It is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variant. Here is the link of the product.

In the end, if you still need more storage without expandable storage option, you have no other option except paying more for 64GB or 128GB iPhones

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