How to Remove all your data from Mac without formatting and reinstallation of OS X

Update : Please read our updated article “How to reset MacBook Pro, Air, iMac or Mac Pro.” The article tells about the 3 procedures including the one mentioned in the article.

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There are times when you want to quickly restore/format you Mac, but installing the OS again takes lots of time. So we are here with one alternative that removes all your personal data along with user’s folder.

This is not exactly formatting or restoring your device. If you have bought a used MacBook or iMac, and system is running slower, please restore it with Fresh OS X. If you are giving you Mac to anyone for temporary use only, you can allow them to use Guest Account. If it is not enabled, you can enable from System Preferences –> Users and Groups

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The alternative what we are going to discuss is useful if you want to resale you MacBook or giving away to your family member or friend. Please take backup of your data, because this process will not give you a second chance to recover your data.

How to Remove all your Personal Data from Mac without reinstallation of OS X or formatting the storage

First of all, you need to add new Admin for your Mac. Follow these process

  • Lauch System Preferences
  • Click on Users and Groups
  • Click on Lock icon to unlock the feature, and enter your Administrator password
  • Click on Plus icon to add a new user
  • Select Administrator from Drop down box as New Account
  • Enter Name and Account Name (could be anything you want)
  • Select password option (either iCloud or Separate password for Mac)
  • We will prefer Separate password here, and select it
  • Enter Password, and verify with the same password (may or may not enter password hint)
  • Click Create User

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Now you have added a new Admin. Log Out from your mac. Now login as new Admin that you have created. Now go to System Prefrences –> Users and Groups. Click on lock icon again and enter the password to unlock the feature as you did while creating new Admin account. Now Select the old Admin account, and click on Minus (-) sign to remove the Admin. You will get a popup window with many option, you need to check/select these two options: Delete Home Folder and Erase Home Folder Securely, and Click on Delete User. Once you do that, your all personal data and Admin access will be removed permanently. You can add a new admin, but can never recover your data.

How to remove Admin account from Mac

Admin account removal process will also remove almost all apps that you installed, preloaded apps will not be removed. However, please open Finder and Click on Application to make sure apps are removed. If you find any app that is still there, it can be removed manually.

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