How to download online streaming (audio or video) files?

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When you watch a video on YouTube or listen to online mp3 songs, it feels so good, but there are times when we want to save that video or song so that we can listen to it whenever we wish, even without using the internet or wasting data balance. I tried my best to find something what can really help me to download those online streaming files. I am going to tell explain the procedure and requirement.

There are many applications available for the same purpose, but what I found the best and most reliable is Internet Download Manager (IDM). Click here to download IDM, and follow the instruction. You will get 30 days trial to figure it out how useful this application is? IDM is the fastest download manager, and I am not just saying but I have checked different download managers. Once the application is installed on your computer you need to follow these steps to download any online streaming files.

• First and foremost, I would suggest you to restart your computer. It’s not always required, but some users might face issue and it will not give you any option to download the file.
• Let’s download a video from YouTube! When you are on YouTube and play a video file will get this screen with IDM icon. Please check the screenshot below.

• All you need to do is click on that IDM icon. Most of the time you get the download screen, but sometimes when you click on the IDM icon, you will be asked to select one file. Actually, that just defines the quality of the file (provided that you are not playing different videos or music files at the same time).

• Once you select one file, you will get another window. Now, you have different options. Here you can change the destination location of the file being downloaded, and you can select start download or click on download later if you want to download it later. Please check the below screenshot

downloading a file with IDM

• Once you click on start download, you will get this downloading screen where you can click pause and resume it when you wish. You can resume even after a couple of days.

downlaoding screen

• Some files will give you the error as it can’t be resumed and you need to restart, but you have one amazing feature in IDM, and this works most of the time. This option is called Refresh Download Address. Right click on the file in IDM, click on refresh download address, and it will seek your permission to open a new window of the browser, you need to click on OK to proceed. Thereafter you will get the same option what you get while downloading a new file from IDM, but here once you click on the IDM icon to download the file, it will not ask anything but the file will be resumed.

Refresh download

• This procedure is not applicable for YouTube only, but in the same way you can download any streaming video or audio files from any of the websites.

Important Note: Using IDM is amazing, but you should know some important things:

• Sometimes a video/audio file will not play but the downloading will start automatically when you try to play the same. Ex: you are trying to play a song on “,” but when you try to play it’s getting downloaded and you can’t listen to it online. If you don’t want this to happen, you need to open IDM, click and downloads and then options. There will be different tabs. You need to click on file types, and then please check the file extensions there. There will get lots of extensions. Please remove all the extensions you don’t wish your computer to download automatically. You can always add those extensions back.

remove extension
• When you are downloading a file and browsing the internet, this might frustrate you if the internet speed is not good. So, you can limit the downloading speed while downloading a file. All you need to do is click on speed limiter, check the box of use speed limiter, and then put the speed (in Kbps). Check the below screenshot where I have used the speed of 50Kbps.

speed limiter