How to Download Copy of the Site From Wayback Machine’s Archive

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Wayback Machine is well known to keep the copy of the sites whether the sites are in the running status or even when they have gone offline temporarily or permanently. Let’s take the example of that was shut down in 2016 after serving years. However, if you still want to see how the website looked like, you can visit the and look for the website and see the copy of the site along with all its content. At first, it will show the calendar like page with highlighted dates that you can click on to see the content.


Have you checked? Isn’t it amazing?

So it was the way to check an offline site and its content. However, do you know that you can download the copy of a whole site that is available on Wayback Machine? There is a tool that let you download the fully functional site with CMS.

Meet Archivarix – An Online Tool That Downloads From Wayback Machine

Archiarix is a Wayback Machine downloader that helps you download a functional copy of the whole site. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge and you just need to follow the given steps. Here is how it works.

  • Enter the domain name without http or www in the domain field.
  • Enter the dates for To Timestamp and From Timestamp. If you know when the site was shut down, you should enter that date in the To Timestamp field. If you know when the site started Enter that date in the From Timestamp field. You can also know these days by searching the site on the Find the date when a site started publishing content and the date when they stopped it. This will be the from and to timestamp dates. If you are confused about it, just leave them blank.
  • Enter the Valid Email as you will be notified by email when the content is ready to download.
  • Before you submit the restore button, do not forget to check and uncheck the recommended options.
  • Finally, hit the Restore button and wait for the email.

archive downloader

Please note that you get 200 pages free. If a website contains more than 200 pages, you will have to pay $5 / 1000 pages (up to 1200 pages). If a site contains more than 1200 pages, then you just need to pay $0.5 / 1000 pages (first 1200 pages will still be charged at $5 / 1000 pages).

There are some sample pages here that you can download and check what it offers and what type of files you will be able to download. You must remember that all the PHP files can only be viewed when they are uploaded on the server. If you want to see offline without server, you need to use XAMPP application that is free. You can read our guide about running php files offline without server.

You should also remember that you are not supposed to misuse this feature. You should contact the content creator of the website before taking content from there even when the website is offline. Using content created by others and publishing them on your website without their consent is against DMCA.