Green Toaster cleans your dirty phone in a surprising way

GMarket Green Toaster

GMarket uploaded a video showing a surprising way to clean the smartphone. Smartphones contains so many bacteria that could be dangerous for health in many cases. Green toaster kills the bacteria by ultraviolet rays. They mentioned in the video it could be very useful if such device can be placed in cafeteria or sociable area that can benefit people.

You can open the Green Toaster app on your smartphone, tap on the green toaster menu, place your phone in a toaster, press the liver to activate the process, now UV rays will kill the bacteria from the phone surface. After cleaning your smartphone, it will pop-out your phone automatically. It works in a way like a normal toaster does. However, there is no update about the launch or pricing.

You can watch this vide to understand what Green Toaster is and how it would work

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