Google’s new weird and ugly phone patent

Smartphones are getting advanced each day, each new smartphone brings something new in it. We have seen the technology changing, from normal display –> touch display –> force touch –> and now 3D touch. Smartphones’ resolution are more than computers’ resolution, and they are getting thinner and thinner each day. All the brands want to produce a great looking device, but something is lost. You know what? It’s grip! Most of the smartphones have slippery surface, and you can waste so much of your money once it gets slipped. They might get broken or damaged. This is where Google wants to take control, and provide grip to users.

Google notes in one of the latest patents that “despite the significant advances in hand held electronic devices, the physical form of these devices has seen little evolution. Most are shaped like a more or less smooth brick with increasingly smooth front, back and side surfaces. This configuration can easily slip from the hand of the user, and risk damaging the phone with potential loss of valuable data as well as hardware. Some aftermarket removable covers have been proposed, but such covers add bulk and weight and otherwise fail to provide an elegant solution.”

Have a look what Google really wants to produce


Google patents for finger print design case

You would say it’s weird and super ugly, won’t you? Yes, it’s weird to me as well. Hahaha! First of all, the thickness of the device will increase like anything, may be as thick as a MacBook Pro Retina. The sides and the back would have grip where you can fix your finger and hold the device. We expect the surface to be made of rubber or something soft that wouldn’t make you uncomfortable even you hold it for long. Grip for Fingers, Display and Battery would need lots of spaces, and it would certainly increase the thickness like anything.

Well, this kind of smartphone could be the best fit for clumsy people who keep on dropping something Or for those who really need such grip. I hope Google won’t make something that won’t fit in our pocket.


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