Google will apply store credit for those who bought the fake anti virus app

virush shield

Earlier on 8th April 2014, we talked about a fake antivirus app “Virus Shield” which turned out a scam, and Android police clarified after the test as the application does nothing, though it was a paid app. There were around 10,000 downloads @ $3.99 each by 6th April, and then Google removed this app from the play Store. Gradually, it was all over the internet and Google was held responsible to the some extent as they allowed such app to be in Google Play Store without the proper test. Google finally decided to apply stored credit for those users who paid for Virus Shield app, and 3.99 USD will be applied in the Google wallet of those users, so that they can use that credit when they shop next time.

Well, Google might be loosing more than 40,000 USD, but it’s all about the brand reputation what any branded company would try to save. That was a good step taken by Google, and hopefully Google will be more strict in terms of app test before they are approved to be available in the Google Play Store.

There are lots of antiviruses available, and it’s hard to find which one is perfect unless we check some reviews on the internet, and don’t rely on just one review, because some companies have hired agents who do the work. Check different websites for the reviews and rely on only trusted sites. After all It’s your money, and no one likes to spend it for nothing.

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