Google will provide additional security to Android Phones

google play security concern

Along with the advancement of the technology, we get good things as well as bad, and the cyber crime and data theft are increasing each day. All the service provider, whether it’s ISP or any OS/App provider, they need to think about the users safety. So, Along with other companies, Google is alert as well. Google is trying to provide more protection to Android users, so that their smartphones and the information are secured. At present, while downloading the application from Google Play Store it gets verified by Google to check whether the application is secured or contain Malware. It is checked by the automated system, so it might malfunction sometimes. So what happens once it’s downloaded? You device might get affected by Malware, and if you don’t have any trusted anti-virus installed on your device, then the phone and the data stored in your device are at risk.

The company has announced that they are developing a service which will provide protection to the users even after the installation of the applications. In general, this service will be responsible to scan the installed applications to check if they are secure and don’t contain Malware. If there is any issue with the installed application on your Android device, you will receive an alert from Google, and then you can act according to  that.

A couple of days ago we published an article about an anti-virus app (Virus Shield). The application Virus Shield turned out fake and scam, and Google’s automated system couldn’t verify it properly that this paid application does nothing. The app was removed from the Google Play Store, but it is all over the internet. We learn from our mistakes, and I hope Google will too. The reason behind thinking about the more security might be Virus Shield scam as well. Well, Google has not disclose any date when the service will be started, so we need to wait until Google announce it.

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