Google Updated YouTube for Android Phones

Google takes the best care of its apps, and gives proper update time to time, whether its about the operating system or the apps of the Android phones. As far as apps are concerned, all the Android phones are likely to get the update at the same time, but the system update for the Android mobiles reaches Google Nexus devices first and then to others. Well, Google has a new update for its YouTube app with some improved features.

YouTubeA new update for the YouTube video platform has arrived for devices with Android operating system which is 5.5.27 Youtube, which thus binds to updates from other services like Google Translate, Maps and Search it have occurred this week.

In the new YouTube update, Google has improved the design, where some sections have been improved, the menus have been revamped and simplified general application. The most common options are now find where the user can access more naturally.

Furthermore, according to Android Police, Google included tabs for the channel button next to the playlist. One of the major updates refers to the comments on the videos, because from now you would be able to leave or answer comments directly from the mobile application.

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