Google monitors your personal emails


You might be surprised with the article title, and you might think if it is really true? Yes, it is a bitter truth that Google does monitor your personal email. All the emails sent and received are scanned by the automated system and it helps Google to analyze whether the mail is spammy or not. This scan  helps Google to show you the relevant ads, check malware in emails, and the new feature what was added a couple of months ago to define the category of the email whether it’s promotional or social.

This was not known to many users until the lawsuit was filed against Google by the education sector Plaintiffs. They claimed that Google is not supposed to do that and it is against federal wiretap laws, and it raises question about the US child protection when the personal data are scanned. says:

Guardian clarifiesStatement by Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, updated on

Statement by Jim KillockWell, some users might be okay with this, then fine with them, but those users who are more concerned about their privacy might think about it seriously. Most of the users don’t read the full privacy and usage terms, because it always goes lengthy and we skip it thinking it would be fine. So, we should always read those stuffs to understand exactly what we are using, especially when we are sharing personal information and secure data using their services. Here is the screenshot of Google usage terms and policy:

Google pollicies and terms

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