Google modifies its search engine to combat piracy

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Google has modified the new search terms of its algorithm to fight piracy.In the official blog these things have been explained. These changes are already in place in the United States and from next week it will begin to spread to other countries. This change is being made to prioritize the order of the search results to legal content, and leave all illegal and pirated content at the end or just de-indexed them from search result.

For example, to perform a search that relates to movies or music, Google will display legal website at first where you can play. As noted in the press release, it works when users write names of movies or songs that accompany words like “download”, “look”, “free”, etc. and starts filtering the result showing the legal websites first.

It will also display the content at the right side of the search results, which directs the user to legitimate sources of music, like Spotify, Vevo, YouTube etc. This new change involves not only search results, also affect the auto-complete. This will avoid the suggestion of illegal downloads due to data Protection Act Copyright. The algorithm of the search result is being modified after many record labels and producers asked Google to eliminate illegal links appearing in the search result that is destroying the copyright thing and affecting the revenue. 

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The company always has defended saying they merely go to a third party, so that they are not responsible for the contents of the site. Still, they have not escaped the statements that were accused of promoting illegal sites that do not respect copyrights. It seems that, finally, Google has listened and has established a new way to show results.

Despite this new policy, there are many who pays and keep forcing some companies services, such as Amazon or Netflix, to appear first in searches. Now Google has indicated that it will be a new advertising format more focused on a specific audience, which will ultimately benefit these companies. For that reason, the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) has pointed not agree with this new policy. A spokesman for the organization said that there should be no cost when it comes to serving consumers results for legal services. Google have said in the same statement that they made these changes to fight piracy that has been in existence for years, but have now perfected their methods to make them more efficient. “The company said that their plan is to keep the investment in this new area and expand internationally .”

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