Google is working on a new sharing app

Soon we will have a new way to share files, messages, music and all kinds of documents among devices running on different platforms. A leak suggests that Google is working on a service called Copresence, which would be a mix of popular Apple app AirDrop and Android Beam technology based on NFC. It is said that this app will require WiFi or WiFi Direct to facilitate file transfers. The information is coming from various sources like Android Police and Tech Crunch.

It is assumed (based on the graphic posted on APK services) that the filtered images are designed to promote the service, and suggest that “Copresence” work with both Android devices and iOS. Furthermore, the average GigaOM has discovered a series of tests and related APIs of its existence when they investigated Chromium Bug Tracker. So the service could also be compatible with the browser and computer. Although it seems that we will soon see Copresence on our devices, it is not entirely clear what the service will look like or how it will work. There is a chance that they could release this app before the end of the year, since the design in the pictures look like Christmas.

One of the reasons we want to bring to light is that this service will have a big existing competitor, and that’s Apple. If we trust this leak, the way in which the app will be operated using Bluetooth, which will allow you to pair devices. In addition to the transfer of content among devices you would use Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct. This service would be very useful if you do not want to spend data because the file is very large file or if you do not have Internet or if your connection is unstable.

There is not much information, but the promotional images that have appeared pointing to the possibility of sharing files (photos, maps, location, or music) directly by just putting two devices nearby. It is true that, despite already existing tools that make it possible to share files between iOS and Android, it is still a fairly complicated process. This new idea from Google could solve these problems and allow the transfer of files between different platforms in a easy way, faster and without many complications.


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