Google Drive for work with Unlimited Storage @ $10 per month

Google drive for work

Yesterday, Google introduced “Google Drive for Work” which will have unlimited storage option, and it’s as cheaper as $10 per month. Scott Johnston, Google Drive’s Director of Product Management also posted a blog yesterday that you can check here “”

It’s just been a couple of days when Microsoft announced that they are going to offer OneDrive cloud storage at cheaper price, and we were comparing the prices between Google Drive and One Drive, but it seems Google is well prepared. Google is offering a great deal to companies which would be the best deal for cloud storage they can ever have. I said unlimited earlier, but it’s not really unlimited but each employee can get up to 5TB storage for $10 a month per user.

5TB is really a big deal for $10 as no computers or laptops have that much capacity to store your data. Apart from this, all the uploaded data will be secure as Google has promised to keep all data as encrypted files between your computer and the network as well as on Google servers. This is what every company wants to have enough storage with enough security.

Google also provides a great productivity option. Files that a company or the office mostly deal with are the Word, excel and power point files. When you have your files on the Google Drive, you don’t need to think about editing and all, as Google have everything ready on its server. You can edit your documents online in Office Compatibility Mode, and this can be done using your computer or the Android devices. Google is working on getting this option for iOS as well, so you can hope to get the same in future.

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