Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt using an iPhone

Google Chairman with iPhone

Sometimes something happens that you don’t even realize, and when you understand what you did it’s too late. When it comes Smartphones and tablets, users are free to use any product they want, but the real problem is with celebrities and employees who work for Smartphone manufacturing company (especially those in higher post). For example, an Employee from Samsung knows how great Stock Android is, but he always appreciate Samsung’s Touch Wiz. When it’s Android and Apple, there is more criticism.

Alphabet/Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt has been found using iPhone in public, and capturing image with its camera. Eric Schmidt has served Google as CEO until 2011, and he has been serving as executive chairman since that time. People had not surprised much if he would have found with Samsung or other Android Phone instead of Nexus, but an iPhone made a news. He was spotted by Osen.

Google Former CEO with iPhone

Even being a rival Google also depends on Apple in some cases. Google Paid Apple $1 Billion in 2014 to keep the Safari Default search engine as Google, revealed by court document recently, Apple Insider Reported.

This is not the first time it has happened. In 2013, Samsung’s Brand Ambassador, David Ferrer tweeted from his iPhone how great Samsung Galaxy S4 is, Daily Mail reported.

Galaxy S4 and iPhone

Well, Celebrity can’t be trusted in terms of advertising. They can promote anything for money, and it doesn’t matter whether they use it or not in real life. However, When someone as high as at Chairman post do that, it is kind of strange. Google deals in Android only as far as Smartphone business is concerned, and when its Chairman usage an iPhone, it may have great impact on business, and drive many users away. It will made a simple conception among users; “iPhone performs better than Android, this is why even Google Chairman use it.”

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