Google buys Titan Aerospace, a manufacturer of solar-powered drones

Google has bought the Titan Aerospace that is a manufacturer of solar-powered drones. A month ago it was reported that Facebook was trying to convince the same company with the idea to bring the Internet to more remote locations, but Facebook failed, and Google has bought it now.

“Titan Aerospace and Google explained and shared their thought of the potential of technology to improve the world,” Google said in a statement to Mashable.

“It is Still in its infancy, but atmospheric satellites could help bring Internet to millions of people and help them solve problems, including environmental damage such as deforestation. That is why we are happy to welcome to the Titan family Aerospace, Google gave its Statement.

Titan Aerospace is comprised of 20 employees and will maintain its headquarters in New Mexico. Its team will work closely with the project Loon, ballooning to bring Wi-Fi to remote areas. According to “The Wall Street Journal” the Titan also work with Makani, a draft of Google air turbines.

Google can use this technology to capture high resolution images of the Earth, which can help to drive Google maps. Unfortunately bad luck for Facebook, and Google is making their business larger and larger.

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