Gmail for Android has become the first app to reach one billion downloads

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gmail app for android

Google has received a new milestone, and it’s not about its search engine, but the Gmail app for Android devices. It has reached one billion downloads, and this is the first application that has achieved this milestone, even the famous app, like WhatsApp and Facebook have not reached that many downloads.

If you have used Gmail app, you can understand how it reached to that figure. Gmail for Android mobile is light and fast, and updates you with the notification when you receive a new mail. If you have more than one Gmail accounts, you can add different accounts easily. It syncs all the mails even draft, so that you can have full access to your email account in the same way you access on your computer or laptop. Swiping from left to right side shows us all the folders and the accounts we are accessing. Switching the account is as easy as checking the round box tapping the display, which stays at the left hand side of your email account. It also categorizes your emails in social and promotions category to make your life simple.

Now and then we keep on hearing news about Google, like Google monitors our personal mail, Google pushes Android device maker to make the Google apps available by default with Android phones, and so on, but Google is still the top internet giant, and now there is one more reason to celebrate with the Gmail app success.

When I bought the mobile, I used to use the default app for email accounts, but it’s frustrating sometimes when it takes so much time to open one mail, then I switched to Gmail app with all my Gmail accounts. Thanks to Gmail, that made it simpler and faster.

If you know about some other email apps that may be useful to use, please comment here with the app name and the link to download.