Give a new look to your Mobiles and tablets with Android 4.4, Kitkat

Google Nexus

As we know, Android has put new life into gadgets’ world. There was a time when people were crazy about Symbian and Windows phones, but perception has completely changed now. There are many reasons behind this. Google introduced Android, and it’s faster than any other mobile’s operating systems. You can download millions of apps, songs and videos from the Google play store for your Android phone. Google keeps on launching new versions of android operating system to make it better and give the best experience to its users. Now all major mobile brands have launched their phones with the Android operating system except Nokia. Nokia used to be the best mobile seller, but now if you talk about Nokia’s mobile market, it has gone down, but  Lumia has made some good impression in the market. Though, Nokia’s other models sales have gone deep down.

Google introduces each android version with a name which sounds great and all of them are dessert-based. First and foremost, Google launched Android 1.5, Cupcake. Right from the start, Google has been working on providing new experience for its mobile users. This version was able to run many applications or widgets to make you feel good. Well, being good is not enough, and we always look for better. So, if any company wants to get ground in the market, they need to provide competitive user experience in good price. So, Google didn’t stop over there. Later, Google launched its new version Android 1.6, Donut with better browsing experience and video playback. Thereafter, Android 2.0, Éclair came into existence.  It gave a new look to the mobile’s home screen with live wallpapers which respond when you touch it. Well, Technology never sleeps, and it never ends. Google introduced Android 2.2, Froyo which gave your fingers little relax. It allowed us to control our phone with voice actions. Later, Google launched new version Android 2.3, Gingerbread keeping the game lovers in their mind. It gave a good experience to game players with new sensors. Then we got Android 3.0, Honeycomb which was optimized for tablets. Later on, Google launched Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and it gave a great look to mobiles and made it look stylish and smart. After Android 4.0, Google introduced a new version Android 4.1, Jelly Bean which came with buttery graphics which gives us better graphic experience with faster and smoother processing.

Android 4.4

Now, Google has released a new version Android 4.4, Kitkat. Google knows how to keep the use users focused on their products. This version doesn’t have lots of changes, but Google has made the display look awesome adding some features. With android 4.4, you would get transparent app drawer, notification bar and navigation bar. They made some changes in icons as well so that it will look eye-catching. Google has replaced gallery and messaging application with hangout and Google photos. Android 4.4, Kitkat might give you eye-popping experience. Well, this version will be available soon for all compatible devices. Do upgrade your version as and when it’s available to get the most of it.

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