Gigaset Me Pro to arrive with 5GB RAM along with Gigaset Me pure and Gigaset Me

Gigaset me Pro Gigaset me Pure

We have already heard of devices with 4GB RAM, but Gigaset has been rumored to launch Gigaset Me Pro with 5GB RAM. If this turned out true, Gigaset would be the first company to launch Smartphone with 5GB RAM.

We have already published an article about Gigaset ME GS55-6 model, that would arrive with 3GB RAM, but its pro version would dominant the smartphone market.

Fudzilla reported that Gigaset Me Pro would have a whooping 5GB RAM, 5.5-inch display and 4000 mAh battery. There is no word on resolution and other specs. Gigaset Me would features 1080 pixels display, so you can expect a 2K display from its Pro version. It may also feature a finger print sensor.

Along with Gigaset Me Pro and Gigaset Me, Gigaset Me Pure has also been rumored. Among all three models Gigaset Me Pure would feature the lowest specs; Snapdragon 615 SoC, 5 inches display, GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 3320 mAh battery etc.. This is the first time when this German company would launch Android Phones, and it seems they would bring all three together.

Update : Gigaset Devices are officially announced.

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