Get Ready to Experience 300Mbps Internet Speed

EE 4G 300Mbps

EE is going to launch the world’s fastest 4G network (LTE-Advanced) which is going to amaze internet users with its speed. On 5th November 2013, EE CEO Olaf Swantee has revealed this 4th Generation network on the Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London. Users will get the speed up to 300Mbps once it’s launched. They are testing the network at the moment, and it’s going to launch commercially in mid-2014, because they need to launch compatible devices as well. This month, EE is going to test this, and this network will cover the Tech City of London first. They will choose some companies who will experience this first, then the coverage will be extended throughout the country. It will be launched using a CAT6 Huawei router which will be the first this kind of device, and up to 20 users will be able to connect to this router at the same time. EE has made a partnership with Huawei to launch this. Apart from this all the devices which are 802.11ac enabled can get the speed up to 200Mbps.

EE and Huawei

Well, EE already has more than 1.2 million 4G customers around 131 cities and town, and the users will increase like anything once it is launched. Everything will happen as quickly as you can’t even expect. Users will have a new experience while using Cloud Storage, IPTV, Online videos, HD Games, Data Transfer etc. Downloading a data will be faster than transferring a data to a USB storage device. I feel the same even now when I use 4G. EE has estimated that the data usage will be increased by 750% in the next three years. I don’t think their estimation will be wrong, because the usage of computers, smartphones, tablets, IPTVs, VOIP and GPS tracking devices are increasing rapidly. Not to speak of other devices even smart watches and cameras have internet, and the tablets and mobiles, like Nokia Lumia 2520, HTC One, Nexus 5 etc., are nothing without internet. You won’t have much to do with such gadgets when you are not connected to the internet. Some users buy gaming laptops to play HD games, and this kind of connectivity can run HD games online without getting stuck.

ee-300 Mbps Mobile Broadband

However, the charges for such connectivity/data might be high. Time will tell when this is launched commercially.  People from UK are lucky enough as UK is the first country where this much faster mobile broadband will be available. When we have such connectivity we don’t even need much storage capacity with our gadgets as we can use cloud storage easily, and can share the data and access our files in the fraction of a second. This is going to be amazing.

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