Get 3 months Spotify Premium for $0.99 or £0.99

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Spotify Premium US


3 months free trial for Spotify Premium is no longer available. Now you can get only one month free trial as usual. However, Spotify premium for Student can be subscribed at 50% discount, $4.99 each month.

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Spotify is the most popular music streaming service that is leading with over 30 million customers (until March 2016 report). Currently Spotify has started offering discount like Apple does.

If you haven’t tried Spotify Premium earlier, or you are planning to try Spotify, this is the right time to do that. Spotify has started offering 3 months trial for premium subscription, and it costs just $0.99 or £0.99 depending on the country you stay (US or UK).

This 3 months premium trial is valid for only those subscribers who have not tried Spotify Premium earlier in the past. Those who have already tried can switch to premium for $9.99 each month. So if you are still using Spotify as free user, this is the time when you should try Spotify Premium. If you can’t afford $9.99 each month, you can simply unsubscribe before renewal as there is no commitment.

This 3 months free trial offer is valid until June 30, 2016.

Spotify Premium Trial UK

Apple currently offers 3 months free trial to all new Apple Music Subscriber, and it seems Spotify is now trying to attract more customers with such offer. They are also sending emails to let the users know about this great deal.

Visit Spotify to know more about this offer, and subscribe to Spotify Premium.