Galaxy S6 front Camera Bug : Blue dots in photos

galaxy s6 front camera bug

Samsung Galaxy S6 is known as the best smartphone Samsung has ever made, in terms of design, camera and hardware, but Galaxy S6 front camera bug issue has been raised by many users. There are threads in the forums where many users have mentioned that they are having issue with the front camera of the device as it shows blue dots on images “taken by front camera.”

Users also mentioned that it is not visible when front camera is used in light, but you can clearly see the dots when you use it in low light. Many users have got the device replaced because of this issue. Samsung has not uttered anything of the issue. If you want to see some samples then check the below images:

Galaxy S6 front camera bugGalaxy S6 front camera bug 1

Images have been taken from Reddit Thread and XDA-Developers Thread. You can also click on the link to read the thread. Galaxy S6 front Camera Bug could be because of defective lens, but lets wait for Samsung if they have to say something about it or they are just going to replace all the faulty devices.


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