Galaxy Gear: A journey from bad reviews to world’s most popular smartwatch


There is something what surprised me about Galaxy Gear that I came to know it became world’s most popular smart watch in a couple of months. It has been reported as Samsung has sold 800,000 Galaxy Gear smartwatches in 2 months only. When I had a look at this smartwatch, I just felt that it’s not worth spending about $300 on this watch. As far as design is concerned, it’s not that much prettier as I expected before its launch. When Galaxy Gear was launched, I checked the features and I knew that it is compatible only with Galaxy Note III. A smart watch which is compatible only with one device, and spending that much was not satisfactory for each and everyone, but there is no doubt there are people who love new technologies more than their money.

Galaxy Gear

However, Galaxy Smartwatch has some good features what attracts people. Its S Voice feature is amazing. You won’t miss important calls wherever you are. When you get a call you can receive it speaking to this smartwatch. It frees your hands and ears. You can even talk with its built-in microphone and speaker. Its voice memo feature gives you the flexibility to write a memo without touching your phone, and you can even set alarms and check the weather. All you need to do is speak to your Galaxy Gear. It responds to your voice and touch. When you get the notification of a new message on your smartwatch, Galaxy Gear will automatically open your message and you can read. You can quickly snap and record videos with its 1.9MP camera even can share. This small watch has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory so that it can work faster, and you can save some files as well, like captured pictures and recorded videos. When the distance between your phone and Galaxy Gear is more than 1.5 meters, you phone will lock automatically. Its Pedometer feature is useful for those who are conscious about their health. It monitors your fitness level all day long. You can even use this smartwatch to command your phone to vibrate, beep or illuminate so that sometimes when you can’t find where the mobile is, this feature can help you to find the same or you can do the same with your mobile to find your smartwatch.


Well, features are good, but there are some dark sides as well. Galaxy Gear doesn’t have a good sound quality, so it will be difficult to talk in crowd unless you use your mobile phone or microphone, and the other thing is the design which doesn’t look satocfactory, but I like the colorful and adjustable belt.

Now, all we know is Galaxy Gear is the world’s most popular smartwatch, and I would appreciate Samsung for its compatibility improvement.  When this smartwatch was launched, it was compatible only with Galaxy Note III, but it can be used now with Galaxy Note II, S3 and S4 as well with the latest update. This might be one of the reasons that the sale has increased. When this smartwatch was launched, the review was not good, and it was said that Galaxy Gear is not going to show any positive report, but it did. Samsung has reported that they have sold more than 800,000 smartwatches in 2 months only what they didn’t even expect. So Galaxy Gear has not done a good job but a great job even more than expected. This will give a new hope to Samsung, and I expect something better than this next time to attract more people.


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