Free Remote Desktop Manager to access your laptop or computer remotely

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Update : Please read our updated article about Remote Desktop Connection Manager. It will help you to connect to a Mac, Windows, Linux or Connect Via Smartphones or Tablets.

Have you ever tried to make someone understand how to fix computer or internet related issues, especially when you are trying to make the person understand over the phone or chat? How does it feel? I have my own experiences, and it makes me frustrated when I go through this kind of issues. I know how to fix the issue most of the time, but the person on the other line is not a tech guy then I wish if I could use his computer and fix the issue myself, it would take just five minutes, but it takes more than an hour. There are several occasions when we face this kind of issues.

Well, there are many applications available on the internet for free which can be used to share your desktop and control a computer remotely. You can get the advantage of those applications and save you time and yourself to be frustrated. Among all those applications the most I use is “Teamviewer.” This has been a great application for me for a long time. I remember the time when one of my friends having an issue with his laptop and he was so pissed off. Actually, he got a laptop and the disc driver was faulty. He was trying to make a bootable USB flash drive to install a new operating system on his laptop, and he tried a lot but all in vain. I directed him through the procedure over the phone, but he could not do all those things to make it happen. Finally I asked him to install Teamviewer, and I got the password for his Teamviewer to control his laptop remotely via Teamviewer, and asked him to attach the USD flash drive and I made a bootable USB drive. Finally, he had a sigh of relief.

teamviewer features

It’s not just about me, but many people go through these situations. Teamviewer is the most popular software to control a computer remotely. This software is available for mobiles and computers. You can even control your computer or laptop from your mobile phones. Control your computer remotely from anywhere in the world, use your computer’s application, create or edit documents even can play games. You get the full control along with the special keys control. If you want to download this application for your mobile, you can get it from the Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store or Apple’s App Store depending upon the mobile you have got.


Team Viewer

Teamviewer can be used either for business or personal purpose. They provide this application for free if you want to use for personal purpose, and once you download, that depends on you whether you want to install the software or not because this software has been designed to run in both the situations, whether it’s installed or not. You can simply select run and proceed if you don’t want to install. It’s not just for the remote control but you can use this software to chat and make voice calls over the internet. This application comes with a free lifetime license if you want to use it for personal purpose. Along with personal use this software is very useful for business purpose as well. Whether you want to arrange online meetings or display presentations Teamviewer is always there.

You can visit Teamviewer.Com  and select the operating system of your computer or mobile, and download the software.