Free Online Web Apps to Improve Typing Speed

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Improving typing speed is something that many people want to achieve, but there are just a few who really work on improving. So, the first thing you have to do is commit to yourself. Once you are ready, watch some videos on YouTube to learn how professional type keys. Those who have learned to type using a Typewriter, already know the rule, but if you just used a computer from the start, you can check YouTube for those rules. One of the videos is right below you can watch.

Typing Rule: Guide about how to place your Finger on Keyboard and What Key what finger should press

Some Typing Tools to Help you Practice typing Faster

Typing Trainer

This Typing Trainer is a perfect tool to get started. Whether you are trying to position your finger or just trying to type faster without caring about finger position, this tool will take you far. There are categories like Bottom Row, Top Row, Home Row to practice based on your needs. Or you can just choose to write random Wikipedia articles, random Special Characters, or just Random Letters. There is also a video about finger positioning that you can watch.

Typing Speed Tester

Do you want to test how fast you type? Well, we all want to know this at some point. This can easily be done using a Typing Speed Tester tool. Use the link above added with Typing Speed Tester and it will take you to a page where you will find 3 different tools. These tools will help you know how many characters or words you type each second or minute. Every time you try or refresh the page, you will get random words to type.

The Hardest Typing Test

Once you have improved your speed, you would definitely want some hard stuff to type and check how quickly you can respond. This hardest typing game gives you random letters mixed with symbols and numbers that you have to type. This kind of mixed content really needs an expert to type quickly, or it will take very long.

If you are looking for more options. Don’t forget to check all typing games here.