I Forgot my iPhone Passcode, Can I reset or remove the passcode?

Password forgot iPhoneNew iPhones and iPads are coming with Finger Print Scanner, so you can use Touch ID or Passcode to unlock the device. However, older models have the passcode option only, and latest models can also be used without Finger Print Scanner setup. So what happens when you forget the Passcode? Once it happens, there is no quick way to unlock the device, and iPhone’s passcode can’t be rest. So let’s learn what options we have got.

After entering the wrong passcode six times in a row, your iPhone will be disabled. There are various ways to unlock the device, and use it normally, but the only problem is “You will lost all data if there is no backup.”

Forgot iPhone Password

Erasing and Restoring Phone using iTunes

Note : Restore option doesn’t work if Find my iPhone is enabled on your device. If it is not enabled follow these steps;

  • Connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable
  • Wait for sync and backup to complete
  • Now click on Restore iPhone, you will be asked to confirm if you want to restore. Click on restore

Restoring iPhone

  • Now wait for the process to complete, it will erase your iPhone and install the latest update
  • When you iPhone starts up and reach the setup screen, choose Restore from iTunes Backup. Follow the screen’s prompt, and restore with the latest backup

restore iphone from itunes

Note : You can also choose to restore from iCloud Backup if there is backup on iCloud, or setup as a new iPhone to make fresh start.

Erasing iPhone online from iCloud.Com

Note : This feature only works when Find My iPhone is enabled on your iPhone, and it is connected to internet.

  • Visit icloud.com/#find
  • Login with your Apple ID and Password
  • Click on All Devices, and select your iPhone that you want to erase

erase iPhone from iCloud

  • Now click on Erase iPhone, and follow screen’s prompt. It will erase the iPhone as well as Passcode. Once erased, your iPhone will reboot. At the startup, you get the option to restore from iTunes or iCloud backup. If you have backup, you can do so, or just choose to setup as a new iPhone

Erase iPhone

Erasing iPhone with Recovery Option

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer, and launch iTunes app
  • Press and hold Power Key and Home Button together, your phone will reboot, but don’t let go, and hold both the keys until you see recovery screen. Recovery screen looks like the below image

iPhone's recover Screen

  • iTunes will give you two options; Update and Restore. Click on Restore

Downloading iOS from iTunes

  • Now iTunes will download the latest iOS version, and will install in on your iPhone. Usually download fails in first go if your internet connection couldn’t download the complete file in 15 mins. So your need to download again. This time it won’t stop in 15 minutes
  • Once downloaded, iTunes will install the iOS on on your iPhone, and will reboot
  • On Setup screen you can choose to restore from back if you have
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