I Forgot my Apple ID or Password, How to Recover or Reset

These days we have got so many online accounts, and it could really be tough to remember all the IDs and Passwords. First of all, it’s always better to keep the record of those ID and Password that you rarely use, because you are more likely to forget such IDs or Passwords. Use Google Account as Password Keeper, and you can always view the ID and Password if you forget, but you must enable 2 step verification for Google Account to keep the IDs and Password protected. Now when you login to any online website on Chrome, you can save the credential, and this is applicable to Apple ID and Password as well. However, if you haven’t done so, and don’t remember Apple ID or Password, here is how you can recover them. Same ID and Password is also used for iCloud Account.

I forgot my Apple ID or Password, How can I recover or reset

Forgot my Apple ID or Password

  • Enter the Apple ID (email address that you used to register), and click Continue. If you have forgot your apple ID, click “Forgot Apple ID” without entering any detail

Reset Password or Apple ID

  • Reset Password : Once you click continue, you will get 2 options in the next page. You can select to reset password by getting the password reset link in email or you can choose to answer Security Question if you don’t have access to email. Please note that Password reset link will be sent to the recovery email address (not to your Apple ID). You must have defined a recovery email while creating Apple ID. Once you receive Password reset link, click on the link in email, and choose a new Password
  • Recover Apple ID : When you click on “Forgot Apple ID,” you will asked to enter your First and Last name, and email address. Fill the detail and click Continue

Recover Apple ID

  • If the provided detail matches, it will show your Apple ID right on the screen. If it doesn’t match, you will get the error that No Apple ID found. Recovering an Apple ID could be almost impossible if you don’t remember what email you have in your account. If you already know what email you have used, you probably know your Apple ID. So, Forgot Apple ID option is not very useful


Apple ID found now

How to change Apple ID and Password

If you are able to login to your Apple account, you can easily change your Apple ID as well as Password. Please read our article about how to change apple ID

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