Fitbit Force causes skin reaction, and the device has been recalled

Fitbit Force

As we know, Fitbit Force is a health tracking device in the form of bracelet, and people liked it as well. The device looks good and fits the wrist, but later on after the purchase, many users reported the issue against this electronic bracelet. They used Fitbit forum as well to report the issue, complained that they are getting skin reaction and rashes, and the wrist turns red as well. Fitbit got this checked and investigated the concern. Finally, they accepted the reaction. Fitbit has to say that the material they have used, it is used with many devices, but the nickel on the band might cause reaction and the adhesive they have used to joint the different parts of the bracelet.

fitbit skin reaction

Well, whatever the reason is Fitbit got the concern, and they apologized as well for the issue. Fitbit says “we value each and every customer,” and all the users have not reported the fault, though they are recalling force device. So, the device sale has been stopped, and they are ready to refund the full amount of the device. Fitbit force cost around $129, It doesn’t matter where you got the Force device from but you can get the full refund.

Fitbit will continue producing other devices, and they said that they will provide better device soon. Let’s see what they come with, but they have got the good lesson with this huge loss, and such things impact the company reputation as well. They should be more careful next time.

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