Faulty Taptic Engine Makes Apple Watch Distribution Slower

faulty taptic engine

We have been wondering why Apple taking that much time to fulfil customers’ orders, and also taking longer to make it available to more countries. We already know that Apple Watch was initially launched in 9 countries, and Apple said will increase the number of countries where Apple watch will be available but not before June. So Apple watch lovers have to wait till June if they don’t live in those 9 countries, though they live Apple is delaying the delivery. So what is the reason of Apple Watch Distribution Delay?

Today wall street journal reported that Apple found an issue with the some of the Taptic Engine. What does the Taptic Engine do? Taptic Engine was created to create the sensation of being tapped on the wrist when you are wearing it. It also has an important role in seeding the heartbeat rate. So when the Faulty Taptic engine is used in a watch it will make the watch to misbehave.

Some TapTic Engine supplied by AAC Technologies Holding was found faulty, and it started breaking down after some usage. Because of this Faulty Taptic Engine issue Apple asked other companies to slow down the production (that supply other parts of Apple Watch). So the fix of the issue can take some time, and Apple may also delay the launch of Apple watch in other countries until they make sure everything is okay, because Apple care much about their reputation and will never try to sale out a faulty product. So lets see when the issue resolves.

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