Apple watch will reach more countries in June

Apple Watch

If you have been waiting for Apple watch, you need to hold it little longer. Apple was was expected to reach more countries in May, but Apple has now clarified that the Apple Watch will reach more countries in June. Now there is still one question? What countries will be included this time? Only Apple knows what they have planned?

According to research Apple received so many orders before its launch as preorder, but Apple has shipped fulfilled only 22% of the order. Apple also said that due to only online availability of Apple watch, Apple is learning more from customers, because they do customize before placing the order. As for now, Apple Watch is available only in 9 countries: Australia, Canada, US, Japan, China, Germany, France, Hong Kong, and the UK.

Apple said that we are also working on Apple Watch app store, and they are happy to announce that App Store now has more than 3500 apps for its watch. Apple said that when they launched iPad they had around 1000 apps only, and they want to overtake this, and they did it even they rejected many apps that tells the time only or change Apple Watch Faces.

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