Faulty camera issue with Samsung Galaxy S5

galaxy s5 camera failed

Planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S5? you have better to wait…..

Last month Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched, and we heard that this smartphone is equipped with great specification, and the device is water resistance and has a great camera. Many users liked Galaxy S5 as well, but some Sprint and Verizon Galaxy S5 users faced the issue first with the camera,  as the phone started popping the message that “Camera Failed.”

The problem with the camera is not because of the setting or software issue, but it seems as the hardware is faulty. Whether you reboot the device or restore it to its factory setting, it will not make any difference, and camera will not work again. Earlier, Samsung had some issues with the production of Galaxy S5 because of the camera, as they didn’t have as many required material (related to camera) as required, but the mobile was launched globally on the same date (11th April) Samsung said.

Samsung accepted the fault with the camera, and said that the fault is with some certain devices in the US and some other countries, but has not clearly mentioned how many devices might be faulty. Samsung confirmed that the next shipment of the device will not have such issues, as they are going to take care of it. Samsung Galaxy S5 is an expensive smartphone, and the users’ frustration is certain when such devices are faulty. Verizon requested the users to contact the support team for a replacement or to get the issue fixed.

verizon statement regarding galaxy s5 faulty camera

The fault is with the read only memory (ROM), as the ROM keeps the important data to make the application work, and because of the faulty ROM camera is not working, Samsung said.  as it stores There is no update what Samsung strategy is going to be about this, but they should do something about it as soon as possible, because users are still using a faulty smartphone and can’t use the camera feature.

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