Facebook has more than a billion active users via mobile

Now Facebook has over one billion users that connect to the social network from the mobile, the total 1,280 million monthly active users that logs in globally. This is the important fact that the U.S. company has revealed itself through the income statement of the first quarter of 2014. The figure marks an important milestone for Facebook. Last year, Facebook had only 751 million active users via mobile app. The increament has impacted positively on the reputation of Facebook. By the way, the revenue company has earned through advertising, 59% of revenues were generated through the mobile application only, while just a year ago, the percentage occupied only a modest but significant 30%.

As reported by Facebook through this report, during the first three months of the year the company has achieved a turnover of 2,500 million, of which 2,270 million from advertising. The resulting net profit was 1,070 billion, representing a more than considerable improvement on the data obtained in the last quarter of last year, when Facebook got 1450 million. and sign a profit of 373 million. The contrast is certainly significant, but what has made ​​Facebook to get all these developments? However, experts agree that the company has worked hard to improve its mobile app, but it has also made ​​significant improvements to make the most of your advertising system.

In fact, it seems that Facebook plans to file its own ad network to exploit the maximum revenue via mobile devices. Hopefully, the details of this new project Facebook should reveal in the next developer conference going to be help April 30. Meanwhile, Facebook has refused to reveal any details about it at this time.

In the field of mobile telephony, Facebook has surprised the world with their magna acquisitions. And It is just a few weeks ago, during the first quarter, the company was encouraged to pay a whopping 19,000 million to acquire WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service for mobile. Already at the time, Zuckerberg promised not to monetize the acquisition and the cannibalize database users of the platform. For the founder of social network services are growing both independently and thus could continue in the coming years, until their owners say otherwise.

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