How to View Desktop Version of FaceBook Website on Android and iOS

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FaceBook is the most popular social media website that comes with a separate version for Mobile devices. Usually, when you visit FaceBook on Mac, Windows or any other Computer, you see a desktop version of the site “,” but when you visit the same website from a Mobile device, you see a mobile version of the page “” It is applicable for Android, iOS or any Smartphone or Tablet.

The mobile version of the FaceBook lacks some features compared to Desktop version of the full site. Sometimes FaceBook forces a user to use Desktop version to remove the restriction or unblock an account. Desktop version also lets you see the online users and chat with them in real-time. So today we are going to learn how you can open Desktop Version of FaceBook Full Site on Android, iPhone or iPad.

Method – 1

Android, iOS, and other devices : How to Log in to FaceBook Full Site

  • Visit FaceBook.Com on your smartphone or Tablet, and you will see a Mobile Page.
  • Log in with your FaceBook ID and Password.
  • After login, visit, and you will be on Desktop version on the FaceBook site.

Method – 2

iPhone iPad Users : How to View FaceBook Full Site (Desktop Version)

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Visit FaceBook.Com, and you would probably be on the Mobile version of the site.
  • Now tap on the small sharing icon (located on the bottom), and select Request Desktop Site.
  • You will be on the Desktop version of sites, you can enter your FaceBook ID and Password to login to the Full site.


Android Users : How to view Desktop Version of FaceBook Home Page on Mobile Devices

  • Launch Google Chrome on your Android Phone.
  • Visit FaceBook.Com, and you will be on Mobile Page.
  • Tap on Menu icon (located on the top right corner), and tap on Request Desktop Site.
  • Please note that you may still see a mobile page. If this is the case, just type in the address bar, and press OK. You will be on the desktop version of the site.


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