Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion USD, and said will focus on its growth

facebook bought whatsapp

As we know, WhatsApp is the best social messaging app, used by more than one billion users, and there are new registrations each day. The app became famous providing exceptional features and better social connectivity. Well, everything doesn’t stay with a particular person or company for lifetime, and everything what starts has an end. The same happened with WhatsApp. Facebook bought WhatsApp for 16 billion USD.

Mark Zukerberg (Facebook CEO) said that WhatsApp has made a history in the social messaging app world, and he will concentrate on the growth of this great app at this time instead focusing on getting more revenue. The way he explained, it’s quite clear that the amount we are paying for the usage of this app (0.99USD/Year) will remain the same, though the first year is free for new users. If Facebook is really looking for the growth, they will certainly keep all the existing features and will add other new features, and it is not expected to exclude the features which will disappoint the users.

Facebook agreed to pay $4bn in cash and $12bn is Facebook shares which make $16bn, but $3bn will be given in the form of conditional shares to its founder and employees provided that they remain in the company and work for Facebook for another four years.

Well, the business is not the users concern, but we want this great app to work the same as it’s been doing and adding new features with every update. Let’s hope for the best!

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