Exceptional Price for NOKIA TRX RM-977 4.5″ Touchscreen Mobile


There is a good news for those who want to use Nokia Lumia mobile, but looking for a good deal. It has not been officially announced but this time Nokia is going to attract so many customers with its upcoming Smartphone NOKIA TRX RM-977 (expected to be a Lumia series mobile) which is still in testing and evaluation process. The detail has been found on zauba.com which shows the import data of the mobile along with the price and quantity. The mobile has been imported from Finland, and the port of Discharge point is Delhi Air Cargo (India) on 22nd and 21st of November. Here is the screenshot from the same website.

NOKIA TRX RM-977As you see, the price is 7966 INR which is around 131USD, and it is clearly mentioned that the mobile has been imported for “INTER COMPANY USE FOR TESTING & EVALUATION PURPOSE.” There is nothing what can be confirmed at this time what they are exactly going to offer, but it’s a touch screen mobile with 4.5” display. As far as SIM is concerned, It’s little confusing as per import data, because the data of 43 and 2 PCs shows as single SIM but the data of 3 PCs reflects as dual SIM. It might be either single SIM mobile or the dual SIM as they are still testing or Nokia might give their user an option to choose either single or dual SIM. We can’t confirm anything more about the specification at this time as it’s not officially announced so far. If the price remains the same after the launch of this mobile, this model is going to be sold like hot cakes. Let’s wait till the time Nokia announce its new model.

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