How to enable iTunes Radio in iPhone’s Music app and on Mac from any country without Jailbreak

enable iTunes Radio from any country without jailbreak

iPhone’s Music app comes with a radio option as well that has not been enabled for all country. You may or may not get the option because of restriction. iPhone’s Music app also have iTunes radio option what we will learn to enable from any country without jailbreaking your device. iTunes radio is a streaming service that enables you to enjoy free music streaming. iTunes Radio is available for iOS8 devices and well as Mac. Once you enable it in your iPhone, it will also be enabled on your Mac if you are using the same ID.

Well, all you need to do is make your iPhone understand that you live in a country where iTunes Radio works. For that reason, you need to change the country of your Apple’s ID (from browser as well as mobile). You can change it to United States, and will have access to iTunes Radio as well as Spotify and other apps that work in the United States.

How to change the Country of Apple ID without Providing Payment Details:

If you want to change the country and have access to non regional Apps, click on the below link of another article that I have already published earlier, and typing the same thing does not make any sense.

How to download non regional apps from Apple’s App Store without Jailbreak

Once you are done, restart the device, and check iPhone’s music app. You will see a new radio icon at the left hand side corner.