Effective Approach to Transport Monitoring

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Have you ever heard about transport monitoring software and hardware? Do you know about their functional capacities and benefits they can bring to your business? No? Then it’s time for us to unveil all the secrets. The monitoring program is a tool for satellite tracking of the vehicle moving, compiled on the basis of satellite navigation, cellular communication, and digital maps. The software is used for transport logistics, in automated fleet management systems, in transportation management systems, etc..

There are many solutions providing all this information. But uboro software has proved to be an innovative solution on the market. It is designed to collect information about the transport route, its stops, driving mode, and current location. The program also records current events and contingencies and displays them in an online mode. All the information is collected on the device where the program is installed in the form of a report or statistics.


Advantages for Transport Companies

With the help of the software, you can successfully perform the following operations:

  • Timely goods delivery planning and forecasting;
  • Delivery time control;
  • Cargo theft/ hijacking or misuse of transport prevention;
  • Increase in the efficiency of dispatching services;
  • Qualitative improvement of the information system for cargo transportation;
  • Checking visit zones, routes, and other traffic parameters;
  • Reducing the cost of running a fleet of vehicles;
  • Monitoring and control of fuel consumption.

Functions and Features of the Software

The solution features absolute flexibility and customization. With Uboro, you can

  • request the history of vehicle movement in the form of reports, with the parking and stopping points being displayed;
  • see the real-time location of the car;
  • control the movement of the vehicle along the route with the specification of the driving speed at a specific moment;
  • control delivery time;
  • measure distances from the initial to the final destination of the vehicle;
  • change the interface of the program for a more convenient visual perception;
  • check the temperature control;
  • perform a two-way voice communication with the driver.

Extra Features

Those interested in the solution can try it out absolutely for free during a 90-day free trial period. During this time, you can test the software, integrate it into your systems, and check out how it works with the tracking equipment you use. If you haven’t bought any GPS tracker for now, you can find and download a simulator from a corporate website. The program can be installed on any device transforming it into a full-fledged GPS tracker.

Another good thing about Uboro is that it supports absolutely any equipment; its manufacturer and technical specs do not matter here. The company policy is, first of all, oriented towards putting no limits and restrictions for its customers. Thus, you will never be asked to sign a contract for a 1-year use of the service. You can first test it for free!

All in all, Uboro is truly a ground-breaking solution for ordinary operations. On the top of that, the company is going to introduce some other extra functional features to make fleet management and transport logistics even easier, comfortable, and effective.