Easy Steps to Restore a Windows Mobile to Its Factory Settings

Along with the increasing popularity of the Windows Phone, more and more users from other operating systems give a try to Windows Phone. Although the operating system does not offer much difficulties as far as adaptation is concerned, it is advisable to know some of the basic things to have complete and total control over the mobile functionality.

One of those basic, essential and important functions is the function of restoring the device to its original configuration. This is an option that allows us to format the phone, eliminating the content and all the settings we had stored inside. This option can serve very useful purpose in both situation whether you want to sell the phone to someone or re-enable all the factory settings(restore) in case you face difficulties with the terminal. So, let’s know how we can restore our windows phone to its factory settings.

restore warning message

Before we go a head to explain the process, you should know that all your personal data, like pictures, apps and contacts will be removed after this action. So, if you wish to have backup, you need to do that, else you can go ahead with the process. First we enter the “Settings” section of the mobile. Once inside, we have to look for an option “about” and tap on this option. It will open a window where we must look for a button with the text “Reset Your Phone” or “Reset initial setup”. If you are sure you want to complete the action, you must confirm and accept the warning message that we will show on the screen. This warning message informs us that we will lose absolutely all data we had stored on the mobile, so ideally you make a backup before proceeding with this tutorial (if we are interested in saving some content). Your phone automatically proceed to format the content stored in the device, and when it turns on, it will be just like the same as it was when you bought (in terms of configurations).

Sometimes, we get weird trouble with the mobile and even the display light doesn’t work. In this situation it’s hard to check data and have back up. So, you can only format, but there is a different way for that. Let me explain what the right process to do that.

At first, make sure the phone is shutdown, and then you need to press three keys and all together: the volume down button, the power key and the camera button. Keep the key pressed until the phone vibrates three times, and then release the power button but continue holding the other two keys. Now the phone should vibrate five times, and You will get the display showing the formattin option. You can follow the instruction now.

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