EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free To Recover Lost Data

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In case that you have to recover the lost, erased or formatted data from your computer, laptop, smartphone or the removable device the EaseUS free data recovery software could be the best option. The software will help you to quickly recover all the files before anyone can get the idea that something went wrong.

It can be regarded as the direct solution to all the lost files because of the easy to use interface. The best thing about the data recovery software is that it will help you to recover the data from different locations. You can recover all types of files whether they are documents, images or videos.

The 3 step procedure

In order to recover the data from the free data recovery software you have to follow the given three steps:

  • Launch the software
  • Scan the device
  • Recover the files

We have already written a detailed article with the guide and video how you can recover data with EaseUS

Ease US Data Recovery Tool

Situations for data recovery

The EaseUS recovery software will help you in the following situation of the data loss:

  • Important data and files have been deleted
  • Hard-drive has damaged
  • Data has been formatted
  • OS crashed
  • Virus attack
  • Partition loss
  • Error


In order to provide you with the best possible services the data recovery software has been developed with the following remarkable features:

  • It has been developed with two different scan modes, the rapid and deep scan that will recover all the lost files
  • At a fast speed, the quick scan mode will recover all the files in their original form that you will be amazed.
  • Even in the diverse loss situation the free data recovery software will provide you with the best results
  • All types of files can be easily recovered using the EaseUS recovery wizard
  • The disk images are made by the software to quickly conduct the process of recovery
  • You can use name, type or date of the file to quickly search is
  • It is available with the free upgrades
  • The technical support offered by the developers free for lifetime

Ease US 2

Bottom line

It might be the age of technology but we cannot even trust the devices that we are using. The reason is that with a single wrong click all our hard work will be is the waste bin. The cases of data loss can happen anytime and due to any reason.

So we have to ensure that there is a backup plan because in case we are unable to recover the lost data it might cost us our job. This is the reason that free data recovery software is providing the best services. All you have to do install the software and then allow it to recover your most wanted files.

The data recovery software will never let you down and so you will never have to worry about losing any kind of data from any type of device that you are using.

Note: The Free Version of the tool let you recover 2GB Files. If you like it, then you can go pro paying a one-time fee that starts from $69.95 and enjoy lifetime free upgrade.