How to create own customized vibrations on iPhone

Own Custom Vibration

Like ringtones, you can also choose a certain vibration for individual contacts, and recognize them without looking at the screen when they call. All iPhones come with some preset vibrations that can be assigned. If you don’t know how to do that, you can read our article about how to customize iPhone Vibrations for individual contacts. Along with available vibration types, you can also create your own customize vibration if you want.

How to create own customized vibrations on iPhone

Launch Settings app on iPhone

Setting app on iOS

Tap on Sound

Sound Settings on iPhone

Tap on Ringtone

Ringtone settings on iPhone

Tap on Vibration

Vibration Settings on iPhone

Tap Create New Vibration option

Create New Vibration

Now you will get a big black Space, and you can tap on anywhere within given space. You get 10 seconds to tap, and the vibration will be created based on your Tapping rhythm

Once you are done with that, you get the option to Play and test. When you are satisfied with the created Vibration, you can tap on Save to keep that customized vibration, or tap record to recreate

Create Vibration

Once it is saved you can assign it to any contact or use as universal vibration for all alerts. It can also be deleted by going to Vibration list, and tapping on Edit option.

Custom vibration and delete option

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