Countries with the best LTE coverage and downloading speed

LTE is the best connectivity option so far to enjoy faster internet, it is twice faster than WiFi, rather more than twice. However, it is not the same around the world. Did you know that Unites States comes under top 10 countries in terms of LTE coverage? This would make quite happy, but hold on. Unites states comes under the top 15 countries in terms of LTE Downloading Speed, but from the bottom. I would like share the graphic report prepared by OpenSignal.

Countries with the best and the worst LTE Coverage

Countries with the best and the worst LTE Coverage

Now you see that Asian countries lead in LTE Coverage. South Korea is at the top covering almost whole country (97 percent) under LTE coverage, and Japan, Hong Kong, Kuwait and so on.. 78 percent of Unites States are covered by LTE network. United Kingdom, India and Brazil covers 50 percent, and Philippines, Ecuador and Sri Lanka hold the bottom position.

LTE Download Speed by Countries

LTE downlaod Speed by Countries

New Zealand that covers 51 percent of the country under LTE coverage provides the best downloading speed. Singapore and South Korea covers more area as well as comes under top four countries in terms of downloading speed. United Stats has fallen as down as India and Mexico. Pakistan, Iran and Costa Rica hold the bottom position.

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