How to convert PDF or Image File into Audio Book on iPhone or iPad

There are so many people in the world who love reading books, and the Audio books have made things even easier. You can just play it, and start listening. So it makes you to complete even more chapters than you usually do while reading it yourself.

When you can’t find a book in Audio format, what could you do in this situation? There is a perfect solution for that, and I have tested on iPhone. All you need is an app, and it does everything you want. You can use the app “Books Speech” that is available for iPhone as well as iPad.

Some quick features of Books Speech app

  1. Everything works offline except the browser option within app
  2. Convert image file into Audio Book
  3. Convert PDF File into Audio Book
  4. Supports many languages
  5. Convert Web Pages into Audio Book
  6. Capture document, webpage etc. from camera and make it an Audio Book
  7. Browse through library, and use any image or screenshot to convert into Audio Book
  8. Convert any image file into text, copy them and use wherever you want
  9. Transfer file over WiFi

Download the App for $2.99 only

How to convert an Image File into Audio Book on iPhone or iPad, or just copy text from image to use anywhere?

  • Download the app from given link above
  • Launch application
  • Select Library if you want to use existing image or tap on Camera to capture a new one
  • Once image is selected or captured, you need to select the image area to crop, and the texts from selected area will be copied
  • Now you can copy those texts and use anywhere you want, or press the Play button to listen to it
  • You can click on Save (floppy icon) to save the file
  • Such files are saved under Books folder in PDF format within app, but whenever you open it, you can tap play icon to listen to it

How to download a PDF Book with Books Speech app, and use as Audio Book

  • Click on Browser icon that you can find within app
  • Type in the URL, and search for PDF Books. If you don’t know how to search Google for PDF files only, read our article about Google Search Tricks, and check how you can tell Google to show some certain type of files only
  • Whether you open a PDF File or a Web Page in browser, you get the download icon at the bottom right corner. Click on the icon to save it
  • Once saved, you can go to Home Page of the app, and tap Books to check and listen to the saved file

Note : When you transfer a PDF file from Mac to iPhone/iPad via Air Drop, or download it from Safari, please select to open with Books Speech if you want to listen to the downloaded file.

If you know an app for iPhone or iPad that does better than this, please feel free to comment below. I would love to try.

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